About Password Safe Reader

The Password Safe Reader Windows Phone App was initially created as a personal project.
When I realised, that there is now client available for Windows Phone 8 I decided to create my own.
Thanks to the Password Safe Project website I found a C# library which made the development easier.
By now I had a rudimentary version available on my phone. But I learned the hard way, that such developer apps are limited in time.
So I decided to "quickly" publish my app in the Windows Store.

The app had some good reviews and it was nice to see, that there were others who were missing such an app.
After some extremly valuable feedback from a dear friend, I changed the design that it was starting to look and feel like an app.
For now, I am very happy with the result and keep on working on it whenever I have time.
Should you have any questions get in touch with me, the contact information is in the Windows Store.